Mechanical Engineering Design - Master Mechanical Engineering Unicas

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Mechanical Engineering Design

Teacher: Prof. Nicola Bonora

Type: Mandatory

Credits: 12 ECTS (96 contact hours)

Suggested prerequisites: To provide the fundamentals of engineering design of mechanical components with respect to most common failure modes occurring in service conditions
Aims:  To provide basic methodological tools to understand, analyze and control robotic systems.

Contents: Constitutive behaviour of metals and alloys. Material microstructure and micro-mechanisms of deformation and failure. Design against fatigue: stress controlled fatigue fundamentals, cycle definitions and counting, S-N-P curve, mean stress effect, multiaxial fatigue criterion. Cumulative damage. Strain controlled fatigue, Manson-Coffin curve, notch effect, Neuber’s rule. Design against brittle fracture: fracture mechanics fundamentals, application of fracture mechanics concepts (Kc, Jc, CTOD) in design. Design against creep: high temperature deformation phenomena. Creep rate equations. Monkman-Grant criterion, Larson-Miller parameter. Basic design rules for pressure vessel and piping (ASME B&PV). Principles of geometrical modelling, rapresentation 2D and 3D, curves and surfaces for CAD, CAD for mechanical design worked examples.
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