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The internship is an important instrument for students and graduates to acquire working-oriented skills and become more aware of their professional choices. Students enrolled in the MSc in Mechanical Engineering have the opportunity to make an internship experience as a part of their career (12 ECTS credits).

The University of Cassino and Southern Lazio (UNICAS) promotes an internship program in collaboration with partner companies and institutions, by covering insurance expenses and providing scientific support. The program is open to students and to fresh graduates (within one year of graduation). Specific agreements with more than 2000 companies and institutions are already active. Applicants are responsible to individually contact the company/institution and define a training project to be completed in collaboration with the university advisor. If the company/institution does not have an ongoing agreement, the applicant must ensure that a Training Agreement is stipulated by the parties before the beginning of the activities.

The University of Cassino and Southern Lazio is member of SOUL (Sistema Orientamento Università Lavoro), a consortium of universities and public institutions in the Lazio region, which offers services for internships, job placement, and career guidance to students and graduates in collaboration with partner companies and industries.

Browse and find the many opportunities around the world. The majority of the national or international institutions, organizations, and research centers offer programs for internship, placement, and training to student and graduates. Detailed information can be found on their official websites. We are ready to provide assistance and the needed documents to apply.

Opportunities for doing internships abroad can also be found in the section "Exchange Programs" and in the website of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
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