Master Mechanical Engineering Unicas

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The Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio aims to prepare a mechanical engineer characterized by strong design skills, by the use of the most recent innovations in mechanical design methodologies, in materials choice and optimization, in new technologies, in modern and advanced production facilities, focusing on automation and optimization aspects of processes, energy management and environmental preservation. The degree is intended to train highly professional and competent technicians, able to work in the productive field, in Research and Development.
The program is aimed at talented students possessing a Bachelor's Degree (or a first-cycle degree equivalent to the Italian Laurea) in Mechanical Engineering or in Industrial Engineering.
Enrollment 2018-2019

Top Reasons to choose us
1) Scholarships and benefits for talented students
2) Student mobility within Europe
3) Friendly and stimulating learning environment
4) Close interaction with your professors
5) You’ll be prepared for a global career
6) Close to Rome, Naples, and many other Italian famous spots
For non-EU citizens requiring a VISA, an early application is strongly encouraged so as to reserve enough time to complete the required paperwork. Applications from non-EU citizens requiring a VISA will be processed only until May 2018.
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