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How to apply

Fees and funding
The call for applications is expected to be released in June/July, while the deadline for application is expected to be scheduled in the first week of September. Prospective applicants are encouraged to regularly check the website of LAZIODISU to stay updated. Eligible students may submit their application only after completing the enrollment/matriculation.
To apply for the first year, take the following steps:
  • Obtain a certificate on the economic situation: the required paperwork is different for Italian, EU, and non-EU students.Fill in the application form provided by LAZIODISU, as indicated in the call for applications; foreign students will receive help from the LAZIODISU’s officers.
  • Submit the application and the certificate on the economic situation to LAZIODISU, as indicated in the call for applications and before the mandatory deadline. Non-EU students may also be required to attach a copy of their residence permit and/or VISA.
If enough credits are earned during the first year of study, all financial benefits are usually renewed for the second year upon presentation of the required documents.
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