Electromagnetic compatibility for Industry Applications - Master Mechanical Engineering Unicas

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Electromagnetic compatibility for Industry Applications

Teachers: Prof. Antonio Maffucci

Type: Optional

Credits: 6 ECTS (48 contact hours)

Suggested prerequisites: Laws and models for electromagnetism, as introduced in the course of Physics. Laws and models of electrical circuits, as introduced in the basic courses of Circuit Theory..

Aims:  This course introduces the fundamental concepts of the Electromagnetic Compatibility, with the aim of modelling and analyzing EMC issues in industrial applications by means of simulation tools.
Contents: Basic concepts on Electromagnetic Compatibility. Non-ideal behavior of components. Definitions, analysis models and mitigation techniques for: (i) conducted emission and immunity: (ii) signal integrity; (iii) crosstalk; (iv) radiated emission and immunity; (v) shielding. Simulation of EMC problems with SPICE and Matlab. International norms and procedures for EMC certification. EMC-aware design for industrial applications.
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