Advanced power systems - Master Mechanical Engineering Unicas

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Advanced power systems

Teachers: Prof. Giuseppe Spazzafumo

Type: Mandatory

Credits: 6 ECTS (48 contact hours)

Suggested prerequisites: Chemistry - Fluid Machinery.

Aims:  To explore opportunities for further improvement of the currently used energy conversion technologies as well as opportunities for introduction of new energy conversion technologies.

Contents: Conversion technologies for zero emissions or near zero emissions (Combined cycle with integrated coal gasification, capture and storage of carbon dioxide and production of electricity and hydrogen - Capture of carbon dioxide in a combined-cycle gas-steam, powered by natural gas - Fuel cells for stationary, portable and automotive sectors- Hybrid FC-TG) - Production, storage, distribution and use of hydrogen (Characteristics and potential of hydrogen as an energy carrier - Hydrogen production by reforming and gasification - Electrolytic production - Thermochemical production - Photochemical and photosynthetic production - Storage and distribution - Use of hydrogen in internal combustion engines - Systems based on direct steam generator) - Nods to Life Cycle Assessment
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