Advanced numerical heat and mass transfer - Master Mechanical Engineering Unicas

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Advanced numerical heat and mass transfer

Teacher: Prof. Fausto Arpino

Type: Mandatory

Credits: 6 ECTS (48 contact hours)

Suggested prerequisites: Prerequisites are not required.

Aims: The aim of the course is to provides the skills for the use of the modern numerical techniques for analysis of complex heat and mass tranfer phenomena.

Contents: References on basic and combined heat transfer mechanism; finned systems; references on the preliminary theoretical concepts on fluid-dynamic, Eulerian and Lagrangian descriptions of a fluid system; Reynolds transport theorem, mass, momentum and energy conservation equations and constitutive relations; laminar and turbulent flows; Reynolds averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) equations and closure models for turbulent flows.
Numerical methods for the solution of Partial Differential Equations (PDEs): finite differences, finite volumes and finite elements methods.
Extensive computer applications on numerical modelling of conjugate heat and mass transfer problems.
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